Parenting Classes

Home-Based Therapy

Cindy Souser, LMFT

Cindy Souser, LMFT Cindy, a licensed marriage and family therapist, specializes in homebased services for Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates. Home-based services are especially designed for families who desire an accelerated path to resolving challenges in the home environment. Bringing therapeutic services to the natural home setting allows for the creative implementation of behavioral interventions, and is particularly helpful for families whose children's behavior has become disruptive to the home environment. Cindy will come to your home to collaborate with parents on areas of difficulty, and to walk parents and their kids through new strategies and interactions. During the initial meeting, Cindy will help your family devise specific, individualized interventions to address problematic behavior, and to strengthen the inner workings of the family. Cindy is also assisted in home-based therapy by Mike Villarreal, MA.

Cindy's coaching covers such common challenges as:

  • Homework/ Chores

    ("How do I motivate my child to complete important tasks?")
  • Bedtime/ Morning routine

    ("How can I help them increase their independence during these routines and still get things accomplished in a timely manner?")
  • Dinnertime routine

    ("How do we make dinnertime a peaceful, non-chaotic event?")
  • Meltdowns

    ("How do I handle tantrums at home and in public?")
  • "Screen time"

    ("How can I structure screen time (computer, television, etc)?")
  • Transitions

    ("How do I help my child increase his/her capacity to be flexible?")
  • Arguing

    ("How can I decrease my child's tendency to argue, while helping them increase their capacity for effective communication?")
  • Following instructions

    ("How do I get my child to follow through on simple instructions?")
  • Discipline

    ("Which type of discipline best suits different situations and leads to sustainable change?")
  • Managing frustration

    ("How do I help my child learn to express frustration in less disruptive ways?")
  • Productive parent time

    ("How do I help my child increase his/her autonomy, while increasing my capacity to get things done around the home?")
Cindy offers home-based sessions by the hour at a rate of $165 (there is no charge for travel). She also offers a home-based package (at a special rate of $550), which includes:
  • 3 home-based sessions:

    • Sessions 1 & 2 (1 hour each):

      • 1st half: Covers relevant concepts of changing behavior
      • 2nd half: Cindy & caregivers will have a chance to practice discussed\ techniques
    • Session 3 (1.5 hours):

      • Parents choose one or more particular areas to cover experientially (e.g. bedtime, dinnertime, etc)
  • 1 flex phone consultation (45 minutes)

    • (to be used as needed, e.g. for school or home consultation, etc.)