Craig Knippenberg, author of Wired And Connected. Brain-Based Solutions To Ensure Your Childs Social and Emotional Success shares tips for talking to your children after a school shooting.  Craig has counseled many children and families after tragic shootings including the Columbine shooting.

What Should Parents Do? 

  1. Make time to talk to your child about the event before they return to school, no matter their age.
  2. If you have younger children, give the very basic facts of the event. Do not go in to detail, the wagons or the intent of the event.  Assure your child that schools are safe.  Statistically, a school is the least likely place your child will be harmed.
  3. If your child is in middle school or high school offer them a time to talk about how they are feeling.  If you child doesn’t offer much, you may want to try to ask specific questions.  Craig uses the analogy of fly fishing when speaking to your child.  You need to drop the line with a little bait, over and over, before they may actually bite.