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Social Skills Summer Camp! Now Enrolling!

Age-Specific Activites To Improve Social Thinking Skill!

Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley and, Associates is excited to announce a return of our Social Skills Summer Camp. Camp will be held virtually through our secure Zoom platform.  Camps will remain interactive, activiey based and are approriate for children 2nd grade through 10th grade.  

Virtual summer camps run for two weeks beginning the week of July 6, 2020 and conclude July 17, 2020. Grades 1,2,3 attend an AM session from 9:30 – to 11:30 AM and grades 4,5,6 attend a PM session from 1:00-3:00 PM. Virtual camp will focus on managing frustration and anxiety using role-plays, hands-on activities, mini-lessons, team-builders and mindfulness training.

This camp is most appropriate for children who present with ADHD/ADD behaviors, high-functioning ASD, social anxieties, and mild learning differences

Strategies to increases SOCIAL SKILLS such as: 

  • Learning situational appropriateness
  • Understanding how you are preceived by peers
  • How to move from acquaintance to friendship
  • What it takes to keep a friend

Build non-academic EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING skills

  • Future planning
  • Time managment 
  • Breaking down complicated tasks
  • Priority importance
  • Problem-Solving and building resiliency

Skills to build age-expeicted INDEPENDENCE

Social Skills Summer Camp

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Overnight Sucess Bootcamp! 

Does your child lack the experience of having overnights with friends or in environments away from home?    

  • has your child experienced feeling left-out of the sleepovers with friends? 
  • does your child experience anxiety when it comes to overnights or sleep-away camps? 
  • do you want to foster more independence and confidence in your child? 

The Overnight Success Bootcamp is a 3 day intensive overnight weekend experience where your child will gain valuable  insight to having successful overnights with friends or in other environments.   This camp is designed for the child who struggles socially in new or unique environments or anxiety.   

Camp is offered periodically through out the year.  Please email us for more information! 

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The SMARTS Socialization and Executive Functioning Group is designed for students who exhibit inattention, learning differences, hyperactivity, and low self-confidence who also: 

  • have difficulty with managing time
  • staying organized
  • completing homework
  • interacting with teachers, and participating socially with peers

Students will have time to work on homework two times a week while learning and applying strategies to support executive functioning.  The third weekly session is designed to build social skills.  This group is designed to reducing stress around homework and social situations.

Our team made up of executive functioning coaches, therapists, and parents will support your child three times per week during this 9-week group. 

Students typically show an increased level of self-confidence, both in peer interactions and school situations.  By the group’s conclusion, students will demonstrate that they understand and can use the skills they learn.  The way students exhibit this will vary from child to child; however, by showing that they know the skills and when to use them, the group members will demonstrate that they recognize how to improve interactions with peers or teachers.  

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