Psychoeducational Testing

Psychoeducational Testing

Our psychoeducational testing.

We can provide psychological testing for children and adults with a variety of different needs. The different types of assessments we offer range from educational testing to full psychological evaluations. The goal of every assessment is to help you better understand yourself or your child in a therapeutic and empowering way. At Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates, completing testing in a timely manner is of the utmost importance. Therefore, we offer a testing guarantee.
For more information, download one of our testing brochures: Autism Spectrum Testing & Evaluations, or Psychological Testing & Evaluations


What is the Guarantee?

At Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates, completing testing in a timely manner is of the utmost importance. We guarantee that you will receive the testing report no later than two weeks after all testing data is collected. If you do not receive the report within the given time, you will receive a $500 refund on your testing fee.

Who does our testing?

Dr. Jimmy Langley is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and received his master’s and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver. As a full-time therapist at Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates, Jimmy works with families to restore a sense of love, dignity, and effective communication to relationships. As the Director of Psychological Testing, he provides comprehensive assessment to both children and adults. Jimmy has specialized training in working with parents and their children struggling with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity disorder and other behavioral issues. His passion is to empower others to live full lives by developing their strengths to meet life's challenges. Jimmy is a father of five boys, and understands the challenges of creating a joyful family!

Should I have my child tested?

Testing is helpful in:
  • Screening for and identifying learning difficulties
  • Determining a child's overall cognitive and aptitude levels
  • Establishing a child's specific learning style so that instruction can be individualized
  • Identifying a child's emotional functioning and its impact on schooling
  • Establishing present levels of performance so progress can be measured
  • Objectively evaluating a child against stated criteria
  • Comparing a child's performance against a larger group of children (with similar characteristics and at a similar age)

What types of tests are there?

Cognitive testing
- This testing measures a student's intellectual abilities and shows how a child solves problems, how she/he processes information (visual, auditory, etc.), memory, and speed of processing information.
Educational testing
- This testing compares a student's academic functioning with other children the same age. Testing can focus on reading, writing, math, and oral language. Several areas within each major area are assessed.
Emotional functioning
- This testing may be assessed informally (observations, interviews) or formally (students, parents, and teachers may be asked to complete rating scales).
Psychological evaluation
- This testing might include cognitive, emotional/social functioning, and adaptive functioning.
Adaptive behavior
- This testing looks at a child's ability to care for his/herself.

How do I schedule a testing?

Contact the offices of Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates at (303) 756-4924. Dr. Langley can be reached by telephone at ext. 5.

How much will educational testing cost?

  1. Learner Score Card: $495.00
  2. Full-Battery Evaluation: $1800.00
  3. Comprehensive Social/Emotional Evaluation: $1500.00
  4. Learning Disorder Evaluation: $1500.00
  5. Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation: $1200.00
  6. Comprehensive Autism Evaluation: $2000.00
  • Prices may vary, depending on previous testing conducted. Sliding fee scale testing administered by a graduate student is also available
  • Evaluations include testing, a feedback session to discuss the results, and a written report that can be used for problem solving meetings in your local school.
  • If desired, Dr. Langley is also available to attend a one hour meeting at the school to discuss the results and make recommendations for no additional charge.