Psychoeducational Testing

Research and Medication Opportunities

Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates is committed to aiding the research for a variety of treatment options. We believe in improving mental health care for all children and young adults by methods that are research driven. For that reason, Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates strives to make the opportunity to participate in research studies available. Participation is completely voluntary and unrelated to your current care or future care with Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates. Participation is not limited to current patients. All participation and research results are confidential. We only take part in studies that have IRB approval or are from accredited universities and academic programs. Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates receives no financial compensation for a client's participation in the study other than reimbursement for direct administrative/marketing expenses in promoting the study.

Participation Information

For additional information on any studies endorsed by Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates or for participation information and details, please contact our offices. Offices of Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates: Phone. 303.756.4924, ext. 6