The “must-have” parenting book!  

Practical and actionable resource for today’s parent.  Easy, and fast advice to help you navigate todays parenting challenges.

Wired and Connected (Illumify Media Global).  This book is being called the “must have” manual to understanding and helping your child to succeed and thrive! Craig’s teachings are rooted in building or improving a child’s self-confidence and self-respect so that your child can navigate and master his own social and emotional well-being.

This book is the exact how-to guide for parents to give their children that very skill. Parents of teen’s will also learn about the brain basics for their now teen’s social and emotional functioning.

In this book, you will understand:

  • About our childs unique brain-developemnt and how to build social and emotional skills to become a thriving adult
  • How to help your child navigate social pressures, friendships, screen-time and stress
  • Dealing with conflict with your child
  • Building family connectedness
  • Helping your child fail and why that is a good thing.

About Craig author of Wired and Connected

Craig A. Knippenberg, LCSW, M.Div. is a mental health therapist and school consultant, author and public speaker.

In 40 years, he has dedicated himself to working with children and families, specializing in child and adolescents with neurobehavioral disorders. Since founding his practice in 1986, he has established an impactful reputation for his work with more than 5000 children and families as well creating and implementing a brain-based curriculum in Denver area schools.

As a national speaker, he has lectured on child/adolescent brain development before audiences of parents and professional groups. He has published numerous pieces for books, clinical journals and magazines/newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal, Time and the Denver Post. He has also appeared on various local television programs in metro-Denver serving as a mental health expert during tragic events in the community.

Wired and Connected joins scientific and researched-based treatments with creative and proven parenting techniques in a guidebook to navigate childhood that can be easily understood and immediately applied. In fact, the approaches spelled out in the book have been endorsed by leading parenting authors and brain specialists alike.

The insightful book was derived from Craig’s experience working with children and families in his private practice as well as his tenure serving as a school consultant at one of Denver’s top private elementary and middle schools. This experience, coupled with Knippenberg’s knowledge of brain development and function, is encapsulated in Wired and Connected, which designed to help parents, teachers and mental health counselors as they guide children through some of life’s toughest years.