Socialization Groups


What are Socialization Groups?

Socialization groups are goal driven and results oriented. They are designed to help children, teens, and young adults learn social skills: getting along with others, making friends, handling and expressing frustrations; improve self-confidence and self-concept; and learn cooperation with peers and adults in a goal-directed but fun setting. The groups are designed for individuals who act out or withdraw in social situations, have a poor self image, and have either knowledge based deficits such as; Non-Verbal Learning Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome or a performance based deficit such as; Attention Deficit Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. These are children who know what to do, but struggle to do it.

How are the Groups Run?

Group members participate in structured, creative activities designed to deal with self-image and symptomatic behaviors such as teasing, fighting, inappropriate silliness, and failure to participate in activities. Group discussions, role plays, and exercises illustrate concepts such as cooperation, sharing, teamwork, handling teasing, non-verbal appreciation, and the awareness of feelings. Through consistent coaching, group facilitators use positive reinforcement, cognitive restructuring, and the modeling of appropriate social interaction to facilitate self awareness and behaviorial changes in group members.

How Do You Determine the Appropriate Group for Your Child?

Screenings will be conducted prior to the beginning of the group (September thru October for school year sessions, and March thru June for summer sessions) to ensure that children/teens are placed in appropriate groups and will benefit from the program. We work with the parent(s) and the child/teen to identify individual needs and formulate specific goals. There will be no charge for this session, or for the two additional evaluations offered to parents during the course of the group. To be added to the screening list call Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates at 303.756.4924 ext. 6.