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Our Testing Process

Free Consultation

We begin the testing process with a 1-hour FREE Consultation with a KPLA Psychologist.   This meeting will be a time for you to express your concerns and hopes and goal for your child.   Our Psychologist will help you to determine if testing/assessment is a right fit for your child and if not, what the best course of action should be.

Schedule Testing

Our team makes the testing process fun in our relaxed environment.  The process does not feel clinical, and your child will likely enjoy the experience!   Depending on the type of testing/assessment, you can expect 3-6 hours of direct testing time.

School Consultation

In some cases, we also like to observe your child in their school environment or other social situations.  If this is appropriate we will coordinate with the school, and this will be at no extra cost.


After the data is collected, we analyze and create a comprehensive report for you.   We will schedule a time where we will meet together to discuss the results and answer any questions you may have.  KPLA stands behind getting the answers you need fast.   We offer a $500 guarantee that you will have your child’s testing/assessment results in 2 weeks!

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Most children are not able to explain their challenges which leads to frustration for the child, but also, the parents and educators who are supporting them.  At KPLA, the purpose of testing is not to give a child a “label.”  Instead, it is a first step to empowering them for a lifelong journey of growth and success.   The testing process is used as an instrument to gain a visual understanding of how the child learns, the challenges they face, and the best ways provide support.  This holistic approach to testing will help your child reach their potential in a supported environment.

Meet Dr. Jim Langley

Jim Langley, PsyD, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, received his master’s and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver.   Serving as Director of Psychological Testing at Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley, and Associates, he provides comprehensive assessments for both children and adults.  Dr. Jim has specialized training and years of experience working with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder as well as with children on the Autistic Spectrum.  His passion is to empower others, by developing their strengths.   Dr. Jim is a husband and father of 5 boys and understands the challenges of creating a joyful family.